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CrossFit Dedication opened in July of 2013 by Owners Matt and Melissa Mitchell. The Mission of CFD is to help our clients and their families be happy, healthy, and fit.

Matt and Melissa’s vision is to help our community adapt to societal norms that are more productive to everyone’s health and wellbeing.

As parents of two boys, Matt and Melissa wanted to create a culture of family. Our children learn from our actions, so having our children observe and adopt a healthy lifestyle is one of our goals.

To complete our vision, CFD hopes to make a positive impact on society where people have the knowledge and courage to make health-conscious decisions on a daily basis.

Owners of Crossfit Dedication
Matt & Melissa Mitchell | OWNERS

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Coach Crossfit Dedication

Melissa Mitchell

Melissa is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, CrossFit Level 2 Coach, and Head Coach at CrossFit Dedication. A lifelong athlete, she competed in cross country, track and basketball growing up. After high school. She took up running, completing several marathons. She experimented with a few different workout regimes, even hired a personal trainer.

Then in 2008, a friend talked her into trying out a new gym that was doing something called CrossFit, and everything changed. After one session, she knew she had stumbled into something completely unlike what she had tried before. She was hooked. The results she saw over the next few months quickly outpaced any program she had tried before.
Within a couple years, she had qualified for the CrossFit Regionals!

Blending her Professional training as a physical therapist with her passion for CrossFit has been a hugely rewarding experience. She is able to work with athletes of any background or physical limitation, adapting the workouts to their needs. She takes great pride in showing people that they are capable of much more than they have been told!

When she’s not busy as a therapist, coach, wife, mother of two boys, or athlete, you’re likely to find Melissa binge-watching NCIS or quoting lines from Jurassic Park.

Coach Crossfit Dedication

Matt Mitchell

Matt takes on the role of the General Manager and coaches multiple classes at CrossFit Dedication. He was a multi-sport athlete growing up in Northern Michigan, having played baseball, basketball, as well as running on the track team through high school.

But his true love was golf (of all things!), so he enrolled at Ferris State University to earn a degree in Professional Golf Management. He continued to run on the track team while at Ferris State, and after graduation spent seven years as a golf pro.

He returned to school at Wright State University for a degree in Business Education, and relaunched his career as a high school teacher and Track and Field coach. He took up racing for himself again as well, competing in marathons, triathlons, and cycling races. He also started dabbling in this newfangled thing called CrossFit.

After his teaching and coaching positions fell victim to budget cuts, Matt took an inventory of his background and education in coaching, athletic performance, education in business.
He realized what he was supposed to be doing.

And so CrossFit Dedication was born!

Matt has continued his education and development as a coach since opening the doors of CFD in 2013, receiving his CrossFit Level 2 and CrossFit Endurance certificates. He has found his true passion for helping people to enhance and improve their lives through physical fitness.

Coach Crossfit Dedication

Patrick Larreategui

Patrick is a CrossFit MD Level 1 coach at CrossFit Dedication and might be the most interesting man in the world. He's a surgeon by trade, but also an aerobatic pilot, international adventurer, father, husband, and also a CrossFitter. He is a graduate of the University of Dayton and attended Michigan State University for medical school. Where he discovered weight training as an outlet for stress.

In 2007, a personal trainer he was working with made the move to open one of the first CrossFit boxes in the area, and Patrick went along. He’s been addicted ever since, competing in man area competitions, and attending his first CrossFit Level 1 in 2013.

A specialist in minimally invasive, advanced laparoscopic surgery, he spends much of his non-flying time repairing hernias, removing gallbladders, or battling colon cancer. Otherwise, you’ll find him doing burpees and box jumps and double-unders so fast your eyes will spin. As a physician and coach, he believes that prevention is the best medicine, and he works hard to set the example for his patients as well as his athletes.

Coach Crossfit Dedication

Zach Gueth

Zach is a CrossFit Level 1 at CrossFit Dedication for three years. When he's not coaching adults, you'll find him improving the athletic olives of the area youth as the Sports Management and Marketing Instructor at the Miami Valley Career Technology Center.

Zach played baseball in high school, and excelled on the football field in both high school and college after his football career was over, he discovered skiing (water and snow), which have since become passionate hobbies for him. If he’s not at the gym or at work, your likely to find him on the water or slopes.

Zach came to CrossFit looking for a change from the monotony of the workouts he had been following almost his entire life. The constant variation of CrossFit was a welcome change and introduced him to movements and work capacity that he never thought he’d have.

Coach Crossfit Dedication

Nicki Hagler

Nicki is a CrossFit Level 1 coach at CrossFit Dedication. Outside of the gym, Nicki is a Licensed School Treasurer for several schools across the State of Ohio. She is also a wife and mother of three active children.

Like many of the other coaches, Nicki was also a high school athlete and calls on that competitive spirit when she’s in the gym. When she’s not coaching or taking a class with her husband, you will find her on the ball fields cheering on her children.

Nicki started at CrossFit Dedication in October 2015 when her health and weight were trending in undesirable directions. On the verge of starting medication for high blood pressure, Nicki dove into CrossFit head-first and hasn’t looked back. Her diet and, shortly after, her health followed suit. The accountability and community at the gym helped support Nicki in her quest for health and fitness.

The biggest piece of advice Nicki gives to her friends and family is to “Just Start”. You don’t have to be in shape to start CrossFit. We all begin as novices and all wish we would have “Just Started” sooner. Fitness is fun and a lifelong journey that shouldn’t wait!

Coach Crossfit Dedication

Jesse Grigsby

Jesse is a CrossFit Level 1 Coach, husband, father of two, and technology and operations, management consultant.

Jesse was not a natural athlete in his early years but has always had a strong drive to be successful at whatever he has done. He began realizing that he had become complacent and lost focus on his physical being seeing his weight increase nearly 80lbs after high school. He decided to join CFD in February of 2016. Focusing the same drive he used to be successful in his career Jesse found not only great freedom and stress relief in his life but also an amazing community of supportive people to help him on his journey back to health through exercise and healthier eating habits.

Jesse will say his one and only philosophy in life is “Learn to Learn”, meaning you never stop growing and taking on new knowledge and skills. Fitness and health are just another part of that philosophy and you’re never too old to start. Everyone can do something, you just have to find what fits your needs and then just enjoy surprising yourself on a daily basis.

Coach Crossfit Dedication

Jim Hagler

Jim is a Crossfit Level 1 Coach at Crossfit Dedication. Jim started Crossfit in March 2016 and instantly became a student of human improvement. After 17 years in the adult beverage industry, he decided to turn his focus toward improving lives. Extensive travel allowed him to train at Crossfit boxes across the country enabling him to gain knowledge from a spectrum of coaching philosophies.

“I believe honesty, truth, and humbleness are the only things you need to be successful in the gym. Well, those and a good speed rope.”
While focused on nutrition and movement, his main goal is to improve the daily lives of everyone he coaches.
“These priorities practiced with the above mindfulness bring people greater motivation and mental clarity. Their goals get bigger, confidence greater, and people gain a completely renewed sense of purpose. It’s honest to goodness growth at any age or ability.”

Coach Crossfit Dedication

Kirstyn Nyegard

Kirstyn is a Certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer at CrossFit Dedication. Outside of the gym, Kirstyn is a music teacher in the Vandalia-Butler City Schools.

Kirstyn has been doing CrossFit since November 2016. Before joining CrossFit Dedication, she was a competitive swimmer throughout grade school and started running in college. Kirstyn found CrossFit Dedication after having been invited to join a friend for a workout. She remembers being slightly intimidated looking at all of the equipment around the gym, but it only took one workout to seal the deal.

Kirstyn loves CrossFit’s ability to push yourself to do more than you could imagine, the fantastic friendships that are created, and the incredible sense of accomplishment when the workout is through. With a passion for CrossFit and teaching, Kirstyn shares her love for fitness with others and is also lucky enough to share smiles, growth, struggles, fist bumps, PR’s, and a sense of accomplishment with all CrossFit Dedication members!

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